‘Wind Lens’ Wind Turbine Could Boost Energy Generation 300%

‘Wind Lens’ Wind Turbine Could Boost Energy Generation 300%

Introducing the potential turbine of the future; the ultra efficient Wind Lens designed by Kyushu University professor Yuji Ohya. According to Yuji Ohya and his team the Wind Lens’ honeycomb-like structure could triple the amount of wind energy that can be produced by offshore turbines.

The futuristic design was unveiled at Yokohama Renewable Energy International Exhibition 2010. The lens shape structure intensifies wind flow and allows the turbine blades to turn faster. Ohya’s design doesn’t have too many moving parts — just a hoop that “magnifies” wind power, and a turbine that is rotated by wind captured from the hoop. Each Lens, which measures 112 meters in diameter, can provide enough energy for an average household.

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