#EcoMonday tip 11: Lightweight Software!

#EcoMonday tip 11: Lightweight Software!

Lightweight software is designed to make computers run faster but they also reduce emission. Your computer uses a variable amount of energy depening on how hard your system has to work. The more calculations and assignments, the more processor speed and ram you use. And, of course, the more you ask of your PC the more energy it will need. Most computer nerds will know this, when overlocking your processor you need a better cooler. The heat is a direct restult of energy consumption.

So for our 11th #Ecomonday tip, use lightweight software! There are lightweight alternatives for almost all common apps and most of them are freeware and even open-source. For example, I replaced MSN Messenger by Pidgin which is not only lighter, it’s open-source, cross-platform and supports many protocols, not just MSN. Also, it doesn’t have ads (probably one of the reasons why it’s lighter 😉 )

So what are you waiting for? Make your computer faster and reduce emissions at the same time. For starters take a look at this list: 50 lightweight software alternatives to make windows run faster


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